Jesuit Refugee Services

Collaborator: Sara Gramata, Executive Marketing Lecturer at the Quinlan School of Business

The Task: The market for handmade Ugandan jewelry is rather extensive. Non-profits

have popped up all over the United States, with over 31,900,000 hits on Google.

The key players fall under non-profits who differentiate themselves based on

where their proceeds are going. Many organizations highlight the women,

children, infrastructure, or economic improvement one bracelet or necklace has

on the Ugandan community. Overall, the products are similar in design: bright

colors, paper mache, and a price point ranging from $LOW - $HIGH.

Our Advice: With the saturation in the market, creating a stand-alone e-commerce site

would consume more resources than necessary. We think it would be best

to partner with an existing organization, receive training from

their programs, and become a fair trade supplier.